About ACE Express Global Logistics

Our People

ACE Express Global Logistics Services LLC commenced its operations in Aug 2020 with a team of qualified and highly experienced people from the industry.

The board is constituted senior leaders from the industry with over 20+ years of international experience and exposure to freight forwarding and logistic related services.We constantly improve and redefine our approach to overcome challenges. We believe in reaching out to help our customers and provide route optimization with creative solutions to transport necessary goods. We are committed towards supporting customer calls 24/7.

At any given point our experts will offer right information before we engage with a client for any commercial collaboration. We at Ace, encourage our people to always edify all customers on a free basis with no bias. We lay great emphasis on keeping abreast of the local /international regulations and any other statutory requirements.


To serve our customers with reliability, competency and commitment


To be a freight forwarding solution partner who enables customers to effectively optimize their supply chain management

Code of Conduct

An experienced, well-trained and committed team ingrained with ethical practices in the conduct of business while nurturing long term relationships with customers and the trading partners.

Strict compliance to national and international trade regulations